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The easiest way to learn the language is to learn by playing games. Children will love your new language learning match game for iPhone and Android. Expand your digital learning tools with the Headstart Game and Language Development Apps project.

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Beginner Classroom

Bubble Pop is an endless game that plays animals, colors, numbers and more. A great tool for young learners.

Flash Cards

Up to 20 Categories, your flash cards will include practice mode, tests and quizzes in a multiple choice format.

Stories and Conversations

Your Tribal Language has been told in stories from Elders to Youth. Now your App can teach stories.

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Our App Store for iPhone and Android are full of Tribal Apps that teach ancestral languages. Why not check out some Language Apps from other Tribes?

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Salads Collections
App 1
Sweets & Desserts
App 2
Chinese Food
App 3
The Royal Food
App 4
Hot & Cold Drinks
App 5

Language Apps

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